Nicolás Sánchez is a Colombian sound artist and producer who focuses his practice on the philosophical and physical aspects of sound. Furthermore, his Unterbog project has freshened and consolidated the underground electronic music subculture surrounding Techno in Colombia for almost a decade.

Now based in London, Nicolas is co-founder of the Ambient label Hoy Records and Tratratrax, a key latinx label focused on the crossover between dembow and future electronic music narratives.
Under his Nyksan alias he has delivered sonic journeys at NTS, Boiler Room, Sónar, Ars Electronica, Festival Estéreo Picnic, Baum Festival, Video Club, Brilliant Corners, amongst others.

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“[H]yper-artificiality, through which design is enabled to approach more nearly to the natural, is a condition at once super-technological and poetic, a condition of whose potential we are still too little aware. Endowed with quasi-divine powers – speed, omniscience, ubiquity – we are yet to become Telematic Nomads, whose attributes approximate ever more closely to those of the ancient gods of mythology.”

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